Case IH lubricants have been specifically designed for your equipment, and especially for heavy-duty off-road use. That's the key, because off-road equipment uses 90% of its horsepower capacity.  Compare that to trucks at 60% and cars at just 30% of available capacity.

Case IH has the range of Akcela lubricants which are manufacturer-dedicated and warrant the utmost performance from your Case IH vehicles.

The Akcela range comprises all the types of specific lubricants and operating fluids: -

Engine oils
Transmission oils
Hydraulic oils
Brake fluids

Akcela products are the result of advanced technologies and leading-edge formulae.

For every application, the use of specific and technologically advanced products makes it possible to optimise vehicle maintenance, reducing downtimes and the associated costs.

Be wary of products claiming to meet the specifications of Case IH Akcela lubricants.  Only Case IH Akcela lubricants have been formulated with the ultimate protection of your Case IH machines in mind.

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